Homeowner FAQs

Where can I get a copy of my deed?
We will gladly make a copy of your deed if we have one in our files. Or, you can access the Watauga County Deed Office on the internet at http://www.wataugacounty.org/main/App_Pages/Dept/Deeds/DocSearch/disclaimer.aspx.

How do I change the names on my deed?
Our office can assist you with any deed changes. A small processing and filing fee are applicable.

How do I put my unit up for rent?
Our office will be glad to assist you in renting your unit. Your account must first be up to date. You may also rent it on your own, but be sure to let the office know so it does not double book.

When are my maintenance fees due?
Annual maintenance fees are invoiced in the fall and are due the following January.

What dates do my week fall on?
A timeshare calendar is available on the Owners Page of this web site.

How do I go about selling my unit?
You can attempt to sell it on your own or we can take the deed back. Our office will be happy to assist you with any necessary paperwork.

How can I find available units to buy?
This web site has listings of available units on the Owners Page. Call our office for information about the units.

When is the homeowners meeting?
All homeowners are invited to the annual meeting, always held on the second Sunday of November.

Can I exchange my week permanently or occasionally? You may request an In-House Exchange to switch the dates of your stay. The fee is $50 to exchange to a different date, based on availability and cannot be during peak rental times. Permanent unit swaps are not permitted. You must sell your unit, and purchase a different one.

Do I have to use your broker to sell my unit?
No. Like any real property, you may sell your unit any way you wish. There are businesses that purchase timeshare property. But, be wary of them, and research the company thoroughly before signing anything.

Can I donate my unit to a charitable organization if I don’t plan to use it?
Yes. You can let anyone use your unit. Let the office know who will be using it. You can sign the unit over to a church or other organization. Or, you can let us help by donating the unit to a wounded soldier and family. We work with a contact at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, who finds a deserving wounded soldier and his or her family. This has been a rewarding program for the soldier and owner alike. The soldier and family have a relaxing get-away from the stress of medical recovery and soldier life. Call the office to make these arrangements.

Do you have a place that I can park my RV?
No. Our parking facilities are extremely small. We cannot permit RVs, buses, large trailers, or campers. The office has information about local storage facilities that can be rented.

Do I get a discount on rental rates?
Yes. All owners receive a 15% discount on unit rental rates during non-peak times, and 10% during peak times.

Are there telephones in the units?
No. There is a phone located outside of the office for your use, free of charge.